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Personal Pronouns Explained

Use this guide to under­stand which per­son­al pro­noun to use and why. Includes exam­ples. Per­son­al Pro­nouns Explained

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Active Reading Bookmark

Read­ing will be more mean­ing­ful with this handy book­mark to prompt you. Active Read­ing Book­mark    

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The Ultimate Guide to Shakespeare

If you want to get real­ly clear com­pre­hen­sive expla­na­tions of any Shake­speare text, get thee to this site with haste. Why is this site pos­si­bly the best Shake­speare stu­dent resource? You can look up any play and find a

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Top Three Tips for Better Sentences

Is your sen­tence over 3 lines long? Then it’s prob­a­bly best to make two sen­tences instead. Are your sen­tences too short? Lots of short sen­tences in a for­mal ana­lyt­i­cal piece can make your analy­sis seem shal­low. Try adding ‘but’, ‘because’

Six Ways to Unlock a Poem

Take a foren­sic approach. Each time you read the poem you will gath­er more clues. You will need to read the whole poem six times. Even­tu­al­ly you’ll have enough clues to get the intend­ed mean­ing. Now I don’t often give

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